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  • 19 March 2004: added material from the Archaeological Survey of India's 1894 volumes dealing with the Moghul city of Fatehpur Sikri;
  • 10 March 2004: new and often very large images of the stained glass of Chartres: the images behind the thumbnails are in DjVu format, and your browser will need a free plug-in to read them. As you will soon see, DjVu is a high-quality, very flexible, and Open Source technology, offering many advantages over JPEG, over other formats, and perhaps over PDF;
  • 3 March 2004: new materials from Italy, including monuments in Florence, Lucca and Pisa, the Arch of Trajan and the splendid capitals of the cloister of Santa Sophia, both at Benevento, and the bronze doors to the cathedral at Trani. New materials from England, including the Saxon church at Brixworth, and the British-manufactured supergun for Saddam Hussein in the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth. Most of these images were taken with the recently introduced eight-megapixel Sony Cybershot (which has problems with excessive noise in some high-ASA low-light environments and, amid new 8mp cameras, may not be alone in this);
  • 24 December 2003: new materials from Turkey include Assos, the Archaeological Museum in Izmir, the unique archaic sarcophagus in Canakkale, and substantial materials from Istanbul, especially Kalenderhane and many details of the marble veneers in Haghia Sophia;
  • 19 December 2003: large amounts of material were added from Austria (e.g. Graz, Linz, and Salzburg and Vienna) and Germany (e.g. Berlin, Brandenburg, Dresden, Erfurt, Gernrode, Goerlitz, Halberstadt, Meissen, Quedlinburgh, and Tangermunde );
  • 4th August 2003: 6Gb of material from Tokyo added: modern architecture, and various museums, including treasures from Horyuji and large amounts of ceramics and sculpture;
  • 11Gb of material from cairo were added to this server on 5th June 2003; highlights include the great cemeteries, mosques such as that of sultan hasan, the coptic and islamic museums, and Pharaoh Tut's jewellery, masks and sarcophagi;
  • A new index page for islamic art & architecture was added on 5th June;
  • Try out the new presentations which use multiple zoomable hotspotted images;
  • Try out the panoramas, classified by country - large, small and zoomable (over 3Gb in all);
  • The indexing is being re-vamped and the hardware upgraded: some sections of this site may not work!

  • For the purpose, techniques and organisation of ArtServe, see here.

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    1. Countries: the majority of items appear (roughly "catalogued") in australia; austria; california; belgium; cambodia; croatia; denmark; egypt; england; finland; france; germany; greece; hong kong; hungary; india; indonesia; italy (but 16,000 images of Rome appear here); sicily; japan; korea; latvia; norway; portugal, russia; scotland; spain; switzerland; syria; thailand; turkey;

      Since some of these indexes are getting very large, here are the bigger ones laid out in text format: use the browser's "search" function to find what you need: australia, austria, egypt, england, france, germany, greece, hungary, italy, japan, sicily, spain, syria, turkey;

    2. Subject categories (sometimes defective: more will eventually be added) from the above, and mostly from museums, include:
      1. arms & armour in england, france, germany,
      2. ceramics in england, france, germany,
      3. choirstalls in england, france, spain,
      4. churches in england, france, germany, portugal, spain, switzerland,
      5. clocks & watches in england, france,
      6. cloisters in england, france, germany, portugal, sicily, spain, switzerland,
      7. coins in england, france, portugal,
      8. enamels in england, france,
      9. funerary material in france, germany,
      10. glass (currently both stained and vessels) in england, france, germany,
      11. hoards antique in england, france, germany,
      12. ivories in england, france, germany, portugal,
      13. jewellery in england, france, germany,
      14. metalwork in england, france, germany, switzerland,
      15. mosaic in italy, sicily;
      16. museums in england, france, germany, portugal, sicily, spain,
      17. paintings in england, california, france, germany,
      18. sculpture in england, france, germany, portugal,
      19. textiles in england, france, germany, sicily,
      20. tombs in england, england, france, germany, italy, sicily, spain,
      21. treasuries from churches in england, france, germany, , ,

    3. Surveys:
      1. Art History by artist, by country or by medium;
      2. Western Art and architecture by country, site or type;
      3. Mediterranean architecture (largely classical) by search, or alphabetically by site or by country;
      4. classical art & architecture,
      5. Italian Renaissance art;
      6. Italian renaissance architecture;
      7. All illustrations to the catalogue of The Great Exhibition (1851) by exhibitor, medium, and type;
      8. Town Planning in Italy;
      9. Antique Portraits;
      10. Maps for teaching;

    4. Prints:
      1. prints by artist, by subject or by technique;
      2. Prints by or of William Blake, Brueghel, Flaxman, The Great Exhibition, Italian printmakers, CN Ledoux, ornament by type, artist or country, Piranesi, Samuel Prout, MA Raimondi, Reemakers; French prints, French 19thC cartoons; Italian prints; School of Fontainebleau; The Emperor Maxililian's triumphal arch;

    5. Museums and galleries will be found throughout the Countries listings above;

    6. Architecture:
      1. Buddhist:
        1. Japan;
      2. Classical & Christian:
        1. Mediterranean architecture (by search) or alphabetically by site or by country;
        2. Diocletian's "palace" at Split; and prints of the site by Robert Adam;
        3. authors: Desgodetz, Philibert de l'Orme, Serlio (1537-51), Schinkel, Stuart & Revett, and Cesariano's Vitruvius;
        4. sites: Baalbec, Didyma,
        5. Ebersolt's 1913 Les Eglises de Constantinople;
        6. Rebecca Chandler: The Venetian Arcadia: Andrea Palladio and the reinvention of the antique

      3. Islamic:
        1. Egypt: the Moslem architecture of Cairo;
        2. Prof James A. Harrell: Decorative Stones in the pre-Ottoman Islamic Buildings of Cairo
        3. Prisse d'Avennes' plates of architecture in Cairo (with a summary of his life here);
        4. Turkey: Ankara, Beyshehir, Bursa, Istanbul, Konya;

    7. Sculpture:
      1. The Pergamon Altar:

    8. Some of my books and papers:
      1. The Classical Tradition in Art;
      2. The Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey;

    9. Mediaeval materials: As well as in the countries listings above, see:
      1. A survey of manuscripts, and the Bamberg Apocalypse;
      2. Textiles: The Bayeux Tapestry;

    10. Embellishments: typefaces, frames and culs-de-lampe,

    11. Film: Riefenstahl's triumph of the will and olympiad;

    12. Student projects completed in 1995 and 1996 on topics from Artemesia Gentileschi to kangaroos and wine;

    13. Trial multimedia presentations: see separate menu;

    14. Miscellaneous:
      1. fauna: and flora:
      2. Ashanti Gold Weights,
      3. Veteran and vintage cars (Canberra, April 2001);
      4. woodwork: at the Canberra School of Art;
      5. My poorly OCR'd version of sections of Vasari and Gibbon;
      6. First trials in anaglyphic stereo;
      7. stereo: kites in Canberra;

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