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CTI Primers:

These are short documents which provide basic start up information about selected topics.  Those not directly relevant to CTICH's constituency are available on the CTI general site.

A resource you might find helpful at times is a guide to Acronyms in the field of Learning and Teaching, as there are many bodies involved in this type of initiative. 


rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  1 Using C&IT for learning and teaching
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  2 Finding appropriate CAL materials
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  3 Embedding CAL into courses (not yet available)
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  4 Computer-assisted assessment
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  5 Presentations and lectures
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  6 Searching for materials on the Web
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  7 Teaching and learning with the Web
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  8 Better authoring for the Web
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  9 CMC:email
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  10 CMC: Web conferencing (not yet available)
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  11 Simulation (CTI general version)
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)  12 Modelling (CTI general version)


See also the subject specific links below.  For example, CTICH produces a brief guide to Computers in Archaeology

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